For over 2 years Byron has been dropping artistic experiments on the WAXP blockchain. We have tried our best to organize things into an easy to navigate space, but the art never stops so it's hard to keep it all up to date.


PFPs are also know as ProFile Pictures. They are often the exact same image but with slight variations on each one. Byron has been experimenting with PFPs since NFTHive came out with the PFP Machine which makes it easy to create. Click the banner below to see all the different creations Byron has already made.

If you like skulls then this is the page you need. There are lots of different little skull art series.
Click the banner to check out each different skull series and their blends.


Did you know that the Zickles love Coffee even more than a coffee lover loves Zickles? It's true, someone should wikipedia these facts. Well the Zickles know this and they also know that there was a recent Coffee Art PFP released and there are now over 300 Coffee Art PFPs that they want to find them all and claim them in the name of My Zickle Army.

So now it's up to you to help them find the Coffee Cups and bring glory to the Army of the Undead Pickles!
Grab a pack here: coming soon
Open it up over here: coming soon