The Unplanned Painting Pack began as a sketch that got stretched out into many sketches, all on the same sheet of paper.



There are 15 different sketches in total, and if you collect them all you can craft them into the full uncut sheet of art.

These packs are going to be geared towards the holders of $DHC exclusively.

There are no rarities for this pack, all cards are common. RNG is in effect.

There will be blends.

Below are the 15 different ink sketches you can acquire from this pack.
Below that are the blends you can also acquire

If you have managed to collect all 15 pieces, you can blend them into the full, uncut, ink sketch sheet. Only 100 of these will exist. Get yours here!

If you have 3 Yeti and a bunch of common dupes, sacrafice them all for the Twitching Yeti!
Only 25 of these will exist. Get yours here!