THE BLENDED NFTS are now STAKABLE in a NEW non-custodial farm on WAXDAO.

A new horde of Skull Faced Zombies has been found wandering the apocalyptic ruins of the metaverse. Do you have what it takes to capture the entire horde? Will you have the courage and determination to hunt down every last Zombie in the series and then . . . when you have completed your collection . . . will you then continue and try capturing all the PAINTED versions of those Skull Faced Zombies?

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Sketchy Ink Skulls

One day Byron started drawing skulls on little pieces of paper. He drew and drew, sketched and sketched and when he was done, there was a small pile of skulls at his feet.

Byron took the pile of skulls, and cleaned them up as best he could and minted them into the WAX blockchain.

3 per pack with 9 skulls in the series.
There are no rarities for these Sketchy Ink Skulls, but there are blends that are rare, and a second pack that requires 3 skulls to get there.

Earn $DHC by holding these more rare blends.
See all the different series now stakable in the Horde's farm.

Collect all 9 skulls to blend them into a cool limited edition collage poster that you can stake and earn 4.8 $DHC per day.

These sketchy ink skulls were also painted by Byron and that series is also available in a pack

To get this pack though, you will need:
1. A completed set of all 9 Black and White Sketchy Ink Skulls
(you don't need the collage blend to get access)
2. Sacrifice 3 of the Sketchy Ink Skulls. Any 3 you wish.
3. After you get the pack, go here to open it.

So if you have to many skull #4's - here's your chance to get rid of some and get a Sketchy Ink Skull PAINTED.

1 per pack, 9 in total, with some blends for a collage just like the unpainted versions.
The Painted Collage offers twice the earning power as the black and white one.

Be careful though!!
If you like to hunt for specific mint numbers, then you must be warned.
THESE ARE PREMINTED so all the mint #'s are RANDOM which means you have a chance at getting mint #50 or mint #1 


Blend 9 unique skulls to get this groovy
painted skull collage.

This NFT can EARN you daily $DHC