recently made a new pack of skulls because I went on a bender and drew a whole slew of them again. I took pictures of them in their black and white form, then painted them all and and photographed them too. 

After some photoshop work they were ready to be templated on the wax blockchain and then minted. Hours of work later I was ready to pack them up with NeftyBlocks and offer them for sale as a Mint on Demand pack.
As of this post, 101 packs have been sold for 6.56 wax each

The next day I put together some blends - blends are where you take multiple NFTs and 'blend them' together to get a special NFT. What BLENDING really means is exchanging a bunch of NFTs for a new NFT. The NFTs you exchange get burned and are removed from the blockchain never to be used again. You can see what blends I made here:

It was a spur of the moment idea that was fun to draw and pretty easy to pull together as a pack. I need to make a few more blends of these skulls to use up the colour NFTs because there are quite a few out there now.