If you collected all 3 Zickles in this pack you can blend them into a limited edition Poster.

There are too many GRUB FISH in the meta verse. This is your chance to smash some up with a couple other art cards to get the super cool Mutated Grubfish Zombie.

Currently I'm 100% not sure if this is my first ever Twitch Live Stream art pack or not, but regardless this is a pack of ART that was drawn during a 3 hour live stream on Twitch.

I thought it would be neat to show what was done and mint it forever on the blockchain. 

There are 15 art cards in total, and 1 sticker of a Grubfish ... or at least what one looks like, kinda, from the discord Grub Fish game.

Each Pack is only 5 WAX or 50 DHC 

If you already have a pack, open it here.

Below you will see all the cards that are avaiable to collect. The colour cards are rare and have a 6.66% chance of being unpacked, per slot, and a 93.33% chance of a common card.

Below those cards you will find the crafts, when available.

This is the GrubFish Sticker that is based on the Grub Fish Discord game. There is 1 sticker in every single pack. So you're going to start to get a lot of them. I hope there's something you can do with them soon.

You can also use the embedded page below to purchase your packs.