The Horned Critters was a fun little blending experiment and a way to introduce a new element into the world of the Horde. One black and white Horned Critter could be blended into 1 of 7 different colours using the colour potion NFT.

To grab an OG Horned Critter go to Byron's Atomichub sellers page or this WAXDAO drop.

After you have acquired the Critter, you can get a colour potion on WAXDAO here.

Then you can start blending ... click on one of the coloured Critters below to go to that blend page on WAXDAO.

What is DHC ?

Da Horde's Coin is Byrons coin made for the Horde as a way to offer exclusivity to itself while still being a vital ... or non-vital part of the WAX ecosystem. As more and more DHC is bought and spent, a portion of all DHC made through sales will be reinvested into a new and coming soon WAXDAO farm for the Horde. We're going to put in at least 25-35% and have a way you can earn it by staking specific NFTs.

You can learn more about DHC here and also where to buyDHC exclusive NFTs.

If you have a lot of high mint NFTs from Byron taking up space in your wallet, you can blend 13 of them to get 100 DHC - just go here:

Another option is Alcor where you can exchange WAX for DHC, but the liquidity pool is very small.