This PFP generates a zombie birthday cake with 0-49 candles. 

Just a silly idea that was made to honour a special someone one their birthday.


Buy Now Redeem Later Ticket

This PFP generates a random number between 0 and 9,999,999,999 

Those of you who hold the Buy Now Redeem Later Tickets are showing their support for the Horde and all the fun that the Horde brings to those that believe in it. The intention of these tickets is to use them for random give aways, special events, early access, crafting coupons, and ideas the likes of which can’t yet be conceived and remain elusive dreams.

Very soon there will be prizes for certain numbers.

Jack O Lantern PFP

Halloween is always on my mind. Even more so when we get into October. I created a fun little Jack o Lantern PFP and then took it even further by allowing it to become a pack that contains Evil Pumpkins inside. If you collect them all, you could craft into a pumpkin patch of evil.

A small write up about the making of this PFP can be found here https://www.publish0x.com/artistbyron/jack-o-lantern-pfp-with-more-xmjdqne

Simple Sun Just for Fun

I had a fun little drawing of a fun little sun so I digitally coloured it and chopped it up to make a simple fun weird PFP of a simple fun weird sun.


The Zanny Little Ray of Sunshine PFP

t's been some grey days lately so here's a zany little ray of sunshine to brighten up your day.

If you manage to collect all 9 basic balls of Sun, you can blend them here https://waxdao.io/blends/1607

First 1000 are only 10 WAX each. The second 1000+ will be 20 WAX each.

A small write up about the making of this PFP can be found here https://www.publish0x.com/artistbyron/a-zany-little-ray-of-sunshine-xrxlrqz

Zombie In a T-Shirt PFP

This was just a fun little PFP that was put together on a whim to do something silly and fun and here we go. 1000 of them were minted and very soon a MIRROR BLEND will be available.

The Morning Coffee GAP is actually less a PFP and more like Randomly Generated Layers of Art. This project is a 10k project which showcases a huge selection of my artwork, mashups of other artworks, and all around weirdness.
390 Mints were minted before the drop ended.

The Coffee Art PFP was created when I  suddenly had a burst of coffee inspired inspiration and came up with a fun way to showcase a few pieces of my artwork that I have created over the last nearly twenty years as a not quite pro artist.

Any similarity between my art and any other IP is purely satirical/parody but all hand drawn/painted by me.

The drop has ended, just over half sold out of 666 mints available. What is next for this series? 

Chaotic Twitch PFP - SOLD OUT

The Chaotic Twitch PFP was the first ever Animated PFP on the WAX blockchain, put together on NFTHive. You can see all 666 of them here: https://nfthive.io/drop/nfthivedrops/3075

We had a small contest to encourage some collecting. The #1 Ranked PFP won 6660 DHC, 2nd place got 2000 DHC and 3rd place received 1000 DHC.
2nd and 3rd are owned by the same person