You can now stake all your Digital Collectibles from the ByronArtSet1 collection in a WAXDAO farm to earn some passive DHC. DO NOT WORRY - this is a non custodial farm so you keep your assets. Farm 1 and Farm 2 both give rewards from a shared pool of 50000 DHC. It expires at the end of 2024 so lots of time to earn. Each farm can hold a massive 3000 collectibles.

If you have some special Digital Collectibles ... keep scrolling to see if you can stake those differently to earn even more DHC

We're scouring the byronartset1 collection to find the rarest and hardest to acquire NFTs and rewarding those that hold them with non custodial staking rewards of $DHC ... Da Horde's Coin ... which can be used to buy some exclusive NFTs from Byron.

This is experimental and may end at any time without notice.

So don't ape into this if you're expecting to get some sort of ROI because that's not what the Horde is about. At least not entirely. 

Click the Drop Downs below to see what gets what

If you blended to get the "Zombie Trio", then you can earn FREE $DHC everyday just by HOLDing the NFT.
If you got the airdrop, holding the Canvas Board Collage can get you even more. Click the Graphic to go to the page describing how to purchase and blend to get the exclusive stakeable NFTs.

Those that acquired the blends of Skull Pack 822, can now earn daily $DHC for each of the rare blends.
Since these are so rare, their value is a little higher than some in the WAXDAO Farm.

The 9 Skulls Collage currently offers .2 $DHC per hour, the Painted Collage offers .5 $DHC per hour

Great rewards up.  to1 $DHC per hour if you can blend your way. 

Inside the pack of Derp Smiles are 3 different DerP Smiles in a series of 20.
There were also a few small blends that were forgotten and will one day be remade.
The RNG on these dERps is quite interesting and there is 1 DeRp that has yet to be claimed.
Check out the whole series here and try your luck at getting some. 

Each NFT in the pack currently offers at least 2.4 $DHC per day.

There are 3 stickers and a slice in each pack. Blend all the slices together to earn daily $DHC as a reward.

There is another NEW blend in the works that will also be useful to earn $DHC so stay tuned!

If you have collected the Horde's A.S.S. series 3, a new blend is now available that will give 2 $DHC per hour in the FARM

Each of these NFTs are available for $DHC exclusively. They each currently give .1 $DHC per hour or 2.4 $DHC per day. It might go up in time, but it for sure won't go down.

If you are an owner of the DARKER DERPS - some of them are now stakeable and can earn you $DHC!!

Dream Snatcher Alpha
currently give 1.25 $DHC per hour
the most uber rare

Dream Snatcher Alpha
currently give 1 $DHC per hour
uber rare

Dream Snatcher Alpha
currently give .666 $DHC per hour
blend reward

Angie Eyes!
currently give .666 $DHC per hour
blend reward

Perfectly Tanned
currently give .666 $DHC per hour
blend reward

In an effort to use up some of the many extra NFTs from the byronartset1 collection, these 3 NFTs were only available by blending any 50 byronartset1 NFTs. There are some still available and if you stake these in the farm, you can earn 12 $DHC per day. Click the picture to go to its blending page.

The Horned Critters was a fun little blending experiment which has been almost exhausted. Follow the link to learn how to get some before they're gone. Earn at least 0.3 $DHC per Critter