Another new fun spur of the moment Coffee Art series featuring a smiling coffee cup. Sure it still has a creep factor but it's not quite as angry as some of the other cups Byron has drawn.  Right?

The original black and white ink version is needed if you want to try to get one of the uncommon colour versions, which need to be blended with a colour bomb to add a random splash of colour to the smiling cup.

Those that hold the Horde's Founders Coin will get a free airdrop and those that hold the Horde's NFTopia coin will be auto whitelisted to get a free cup too.

FREE DROP for holders of the Horde's NFTopia Coin can claim their drop HERE!

If you have an OG cup and want to get one of the 8 different Coloured Cups, then use this craft.  You will need a colour bomb which you can find here.

If you have collected all 8 colours of the Smiling Coffee Cup then you can craft into the ULTRA RARE animated Smiling Coffee Cup - there are only 2 versions of this one available.

Go here to craft!