The Planet of the Horde was introduced at NFTopia 4 for the purchase price of just 2 WAX.
You can get one here, but only for a limited time.

Now the Moons of the Planet of the Horde are available, for only 222 DHC. You can grab one here for a limited time.

If you have both the Planet and the Moons, you can craft them to be together for the full image by going to the crafting page on NFTopia here:

The Horde is in NFTopia with 4 different booths highlighting 4 different parts of the Horde's presenceon the internet. Check it out from May 3-5

Be sure to check out each booth and fill out the google form to be eligible for an airdrop when the convention ends.

There is also a Horde's NFTopia Coin that you can get to have extra airdrops throughout the convention and beyond.