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The Horde's ASS Pack series 2 is now dropping. Trying something a little different for the first time in a while, and doing this one on NEFTY blocks with open editions all around and some massive RNG rarity as well as some other rarities and then blends and rare blends and whatever else can be thought of over the next couple of weeks.

Packs go on sale today with the first 100 listed for 6.66 WAX

1st 100 SOLD OUT in an hour!!
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When a creator makes a pack, they are asked how many NFTs should be in each pack. I selected 4 NFTs per pack.
The contract then asks the creator to decide which NFTs have a chance of being selected. Those are called 'slots'
For the Horde's A.S.S. pack series 2, there are 4 slots.
In each slot there is a chance at getting a GOLDEN (5%), rare (10%), SCARCE (15%), uncommon (20%) or COMMON (50%)
Below is a chart showing each slot and their respective NFTs in order of rarity.

There was an error though. The CRANKY and CAGED NFT was given the wrong image.
So now there are two versions of the Grim Within Sticker.
That ERROR CARD is essential for 2 of the blends ... see below!

Check out this latest blend!!
blend together these two to get this new one

another blend to deal with the double Grim Within is below

Blend error CRANKY and CAGED (658527) with the actual Grim Within (658510) to get the Double Horned Demon

Blend error CRANKY and CAGED (658527) with 5 colour bombs ( ANY 5 ) to put the demon back in its cage.