The Coffee Creeps was another fun blending experiment and just plain old fun bizzaro artwork.

There are 2 Coffee Creeps inside each pack.
Collect all 12 creeps - 8 of them are black and white, the other 4 are full colour.

There is 80% chance of getting a common card
and 20% chance of getting a rare card, per slot.


The four rare colourful Coffee Creeps rarely get together for coffee, so if you have all 4 together, commemorate it with this NFT and lock all 4 rares together.

This craft will lock, not burn, the original single NFTs to the new NFT displaying all 4. When you are ready to unlock them, you can now do that too.
Blend this at NFTHive.
You can also stake it for 0.5 $DHC per hour

This Creepy Cup of Coffee is now in disguise with a clever fake nose, moustache and rose tinted glasses. To get this Incognito Coffee, you need 2 pieces.

First piece is the Coffee Creep #10 which you can get from this pack:
The second piece is the disguise which is available here:

Once you have those, you can craft them together here:

If you manage to get this one, you can stake it for 0.2 $DHC per hour.

What is DHC ?

Da Horde's Coin is Byrons coin made for the Horde as a way to offer exclusivity to itself while still being a vital ... or non-vital part of the WAX ecosystem. As more and more DHC is bought and spent, a portion of all DHC made through sales will be reinvested into a new and coming soon WAXDAO farm for the Horde. We're going to put in at least 25-35% and have a way you can earn it by staking specific NFTs.

You can learn more about DHC here and also where to buyDHC exclusive NFTs.

If you have a lot of high mint NFTs from Byron taking up space in your wallet, you can blend 13 of them to get 100 DHC - just go here:

Another option is Alcor where you can exchange WAX for DHC, but the liquidity pool is very small.