AGAIN ! ! !! !
The Horde is bringing back the Morning Coffee PFP with a chance to win 1 of 2 Spots in the 50k Zombies PFP project worth 2500 WAX! !

Welcome to Byron's most aggressive and perhaps overly ambitious 10k Generative Art Project. Many people might argue that it is a PFP and they won't be wrong. It's using the NFTHive PFP machine on the WAXP blockchain so it has a lot of PFP elements to it. But it's also a Generative Art Project (GAP) because it's different than a PFP and it uses a horde of artwork.
The entire project is based around this ink drawing...

Those of you that have followed Byrons NFT projects for the last 2 years will see some old forgotten favourites on display again. Instead of all new art Byron began grabbing bits and pieces from his other artworks to fill the gaps in this Generative Art Project with vibrantly violent and colourful horror themed artwork that he created over the last 13 years.

Like many artists, Byron was unsure about the response to this project, but early signs on Twitter indicate interest.

But how does one singular artist get enough attention to even consider a 10k sell out?
That's where they get a little help from the Horde . . . and this is also where the magic of the WAX Blockchain really shines. 
The first and easiest way to help the Horde is to adjust your X (Twitter) avatar to one of these, or use the transparent png as a border for your current Avatar. Fill out the form so that the Horde knows who to reward.

And now that the project is live and freshly minted Morning Coffees are flowing into the WAXP wallets of Art and NFT collectors around the world . . . it's time for CAKE!