The time to grow the Horde and dominate the landscape in 2024 began last week Tuesday. We slept in, the alarm didn't go off too!!

Whatever the excuse don't matter now because we're up and awak, ready to throw high grade petrol onto the fire and blow the EFF up!
But we can't do it without the help from you, our Horde.

We have a lot of ideas that we want to start to bring to help everyone in the Horde but we lack the time and focus because we're always scrambling to keep bringing new and interesting things to keep you all interested. We love it because it keeps our creative clocks ticking along at lightning fast speeds . . . but after two and a half years or so of riding the meta, it's time to slow it down and get laser focused.


How to Order
There are several ways for you to place an order to be included in this mega zombie project.
If you are a paypal user, you can send 100 USD to
You could also order through the Horde's Ko-fi store here:

If you prefer to use crypto, there are many options
Buy a straight up WAX NFT for this by visiting NFTHive here:

It's available for