G E T   L U C K Y !

The Idea behind this PFP ticket generator is to simply use as a way to give away more digital art cards as well as original artwork to own, tied to NFTs.

For example. Sometime in the very near future I will give away a colour bomb pack to the closest number that matches the number that I randomly generate.

There will be prizes for certain numbers minted as well as prizes for randomly choosen numbers as well.
For example

Those that Hold the Buy Now Redeem Later Tickets are showing their support for the Horde and all the fun that the Horde brings to those that believe. The intention of these tickets is to use them for random give aways, special events, early access, crafting coupons, and ideas the likes of which can’t yet be conceived and remain elusive dreams. 

But then again this ticket could go unsold and unappreciated and unused. The universe if a fickle fiendish friend and we are wise not to set to much stock in plans.
Just remember … the Horde helps those that help the Horde.

Mint a ticket and claim your numbers now.

Show the Horde that you're here for the ART first, utility second. 

Minting these tickets not only supports Byron and the Horde, helping to ensure the artistic journey across the WAX blockchain continues, it also gives holders a chance at winning stuff and thangs that Byron and the Horde will be giving away from time to time.

If you want to help spread the word of the Horde, switch up your avatar for a bit or add a wrap.