Canvas Board Paintings Pack

There are a total of 8 Canvas Board Paintings  within this series.


This collage of all the different canvas board NFTs was airdropped to the accounts that held all the Canvas Boards PLUS the triptych blend.
Snapshot was taken on Dec 20 2022 and the airdrop happened that same night.

The first TWENTY (20) mints of each canvas board will be preminted and available as soon as the first wave has sold out. Shortly after Wave 2 will begin. 

This means that even if you only get some packs in wave 2 you still might get lucky and snag a mint #1, or #13, whichever you collect.

Each wave will begin shortly after the previous one ends. There will be some limited edition blends and snapshot airdrops in the future as well as possible staking in Wombat Dungeon master or the Horde's WAXDAO farm (version 2 coming soon)


The Waves

2nd Wave
Available: 69
Price: 666DHC

3rd Wave
Available: 111
Price: 777DHC

4th Wave
Available: 222
Price: 888DHC

This is a collection of 8 Canvas Boards Byron has painted over the last 15 years. Each 4"x6" canvas boards and most of them are mixed media paintings. Visit Byron's OpenSea Account or reach out to Byron if you want to buy with other means.

Each pack contains 2 of the 8 Canvas Paintings and is configured in a way to prevent duplicates in a pack, because getting the same card in a pack is meh.
RNG is in effect because the rarity is in the limited edition blends, but weirdly enough the RNG will make it's own rarities too.
This pack may or may not be stakable in WOMBAT dungeon master, and if it is it will be for the more rare blends and rewards given to holders. It WILL be stakable in the next Horde's Farm, coming soon.

Why are the Canvas Boards Unlimited Mint?
The Canvas Boards are unlimited because the of the limited amount of limited mint blends as well as future airdrops. A mad dash may occur as fomo hits a couple of my collector friends. You've been warned. The first 20 mints of each Canvas Board Painting will be pre-minted and put in pools so the collectors who might miss out on the earlier packs will have a chance on the low mints. So there is a great chance of getting a mint #1 or #13, whichever way you collect.

The packs are being sold in waves with the first wave being the smallest and the cheapest, and each wave of packs after that is a little larger and more expensive. Packs can be opened once the first wave sells out, and the second wave of packs will be available shortly after that. This will help bring the value up as more packs are sold and opened and blending begins and snapshots are taken so airdrops get made if you hold your Canvas Board Paintings long enough.

There's also the chance of winning an original custom Canvas Board Painting and matching 1/1 NFT

So after all that ...  maybe a bit of fomo is nibbling now?

The wave will help instill value into the actual packs themselves, as well as each individual mint there after because we will not undersell what we have stated. 

We're also trying to take things one step further and also start bringing value to Da Horde's Coin by offering the Canvas Board Painting Pack Series as a DHC exclusive?

What is DHC ?

Da Horde's Coin is Byrons coin made for the Horde as a way to offer exclusivity to itself while still being a vital ... or non-vital part of the WAX ecosystem. As more and more DHC is bought and spent, a portion of all DHC made through sales will be reinvested into a new and coming soon WAXDAO farm for the Horde. We're going to put in at least 25-35% and have a way you can earn it by staking specific NFTs.

You can learn more about DHC here and also where to buyDHC exclusive NFTs.

If you have a lot of high mint NFTs from Byron taking up space in your wallet, you can blend 13 of them to get 100 DHC - just go here:

Another option is Alcor where you can exchange WAX for DHC, but the liquidity pool is very small.

What to do AFTER Opening a Pack?
open packs here

As soon as you buy a pack you can open it up and try to get a low mint from the preminted pools.

Once the pools are drained a new pack opening will be created on Nefty Blocks to handle the mint on demand aspect of the packs.

Click Here to do the Zombie TripTych Blend
you can also access it with this webpage embed under the graphic

Blend this NFT

with this NFT

and this NFT

to get this limited edition NFT

Additional blends will become available over the coming days and weeks, and even years TBH. This is how it rolls in theHorde.

There will also be an airdrop for people that own the entire 8 Canvas Board Painting collection.

When the first and second wave of packs have sold out and the new Mint on Demand pack opening begins and a new wave of packs starts to sell, if there are still low mint NFTs in the pool, anyone that buys a pack can open it and grab those low mint NFTs. So be sure to do your best to drain the pools as quickly as possible.