My Zickle Army is the first ever community built game that Byron has had the great pleasure of helping create. A few silly little drawings caught the eye of the Horde and a seed was planted and watered and tended to until it sprouted and grew into the massive collectable NFT activity that it currently is.

Check it out at

I strongly suggest joining the Horde's discord as well and immerse yourself in the salty shenanigans.

When Google Plus was going strong I began a Zombie Portrait art project. The basic idea was that people commission me to paint a quick zombie portrait of them. I was supposed to do it fast and quickly and just plow through 1000 zombie portraits. Well ... 1000 is a lot and that project slowly died out ... then got resurrected only to die again and again. It's still dead at the moment but I think it's starting to stir a bit again. Time will tell. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Experimental Greenhouse is another NFT project I have begun on WAX.