The Zanny Little Ray of Sunshine PFP

t's been some grey days lately so here's a zany little ray of sunshine to brighten up your day.

If you manage to collect all 9 basic balls of Sun, you can blend them here

First 1000 are only 10 WAX each. The second 1000+ will be 20 WAX each.

A small write up about the making of this PFP can be found here

Zombie In a T-Shirt PFP

This was just a fun little PFP that was put together on a whim to do something silly and fun and here we go. 1000 of them were minted and very soon a MIRROR BLEND will be available.

The Morning Coffee GAP is actually less a PFP and more like Randomly Generated Layers of Art. This project is a 10k project which showcases a huge selection of my artwork, mashups of other artworks, and all around weirdness.
390 Mints were minted before the drop ended.

The Coffee Art PFP was created when I  suddenly had a burst of coffee inspired inspiration and came up with a fun way to showcase a few pieces of my artwork that I have created over the last nearly twenty years as a not quite pro artist.

Any similarity between my art and any other IP is purely satirical/parody but all hand drawn/painted by me.

The drop has ended, just over half sold out of 666 mints available. What is next for this series? 

Chaotic Twitch PFP - SOLD OUT

The Chaotic Twitch PFP was the first ever Animated PFP on the WAX blockchain, put together on NFTHive. You can see all 666 of them here:

We had a small contest to encourage some collecting. The #1 Ranked PFP won 6660 DHC, 2nd place got 2000 DHC and 3rd place received 1000 DHC.
2nd and 3rd are owned by the same person