Do You Wear Shirts?

For over 2 years The Horde has rampaged across the WAX blockchain spreading Byron's vision of the zombie apocalypse everywhere it went.

Now it's time to show the colours of the Horde with real life T-shirts featuring the artwork of Byron.

In the Horde's version of web3, when you buy a shirt, you don't just get a shirt. The Horde is generous and loves to give whenever possible, and since this is web3, the giving never has to stop. 

So what does the Horde provide?

Get a unique 1 of 1 WAXP NFT featuring the art on your purchased shirt.

Choose which piece of Byron's artwork you want to have on your shirt.
Browse through all his artwork on this website or any of this NFT artwork. Don't forget he has Zombie Cats and Zickles too.

Full image or discreet breast pocket sized image? Your shirt, your choice!

This is web3 baby! You never know what else will happen!

Order INFO

Ordering the shirts is as simple as buying the NFT. The total cost is roughly $50USD worth of WAX. This includes the unique made to order shirt, the 1/1 matching NFT, exclusive future use for that NFT, as well as free global shipping to almost anywhere in the world. 

Shirt orders will be fulfilled by the people at who have years of experience fulfilling merchandise orders. 

To order, simply go here and buy the NFT.
AtomicHub allows you to use WAX or purchase with a CreditCard.

After purchase you need to hold the NFT until it becomes redeemable. This allows you enough time to browse through the massive collection of Byron's artwork and find the image, or images, you want to display on you. It also gives Byron enough time to create the artwork for the T-Shirt as well as the unique 1/1 NFT

The first batch of redeemable T-Shirt NFTs will be redeemable from October 1st 2023 and will expire one year later if they are not redeemed. Worry not though! IF (big IF) it expires the Horde will find another use for them eventually.