If you have collected all 11 Funzzee Sketchies then you can craft them into this collage. Available FRIDAY dec8 at 1pm CST

There are only 13 collages available. When all13 have been crafted, 1 lucky holder will win a redeemable.

A second drop of Mint on Demand packs will be released shortly after the craft goes live.  GET IT HERE!!

This is simple a pack of sketches that Byron sketched during the evening hours over the course of a few days. There's no real utility to these, they probably won't make you money unless you really really understand the long game of collectible trading. Nope, none of that instant flip wealth thing here. Nor are there any promises of special anything other than you get to own a digital copy of a sketch that Byron sketched up.

The initial drop has ended and the premints were minted, packed and released. 

Soon there will be a blend available as well as a race to own one of the original artworks, and more.

Stay tuned...