In 2014 Byron experimented with painting directly onto old comicbook pages. He did a few zombies, some zombie cats and even a few portraits. There are 12 different digital art cards in this small series and 3 cards per pack. 

There are no rarities and all the cards have an equal chance of being pulled.

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This is currently a FREE PACK for those that have already signed up for the 50k zombie portrait package.


There is now a  BOOSTER pack of 6 different pages. If you can collect them all you can then upgrade to the full limited to only 13 mints, poster showing all 18 paintings.

Go get a BOOSTER PACK here:

If you hold all 18 paintings you can craft them into a full sized poster. There are only 13 mints available so you have to act fast. The single pages will be burned to craft this poster. Please be aware...