I'm Byron from Canada and I draw Zombies.
I've been painting and drawing Zombies, Zombie Portraits, Zombie Cats and Zombie all the other things for nearly twenty years. For the last 2 years I have been minting my art on the WAX.io blockchain primarily while slowly exploring others. 

 For those that want a brief history of my career, it's long and twisty with lots of ups and downs.

I started learning how to draw in highschool, the teenage me was really determined to be a comic artist for Image Comics and have my own comicbook eventually. Then I graduated and forgot about art as I fucked around in life, eventually meeting a girl and goofed off more. One day I got married and the next thing you know I had a kid.

It was time to get serious in life so I started a job as a telemarketer which helped rekindle my passion for drawing. And for a few years that's what I did for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Talk on the phone trying to sell internet or credit cards to strangers in the States while drawing superheros and cartoons. In 2009 I began blogging a bit, then around 2011 or so GooglePLUS was formed and it my career as a zombie artist really started to take off.

Google Plus really tried helping artists get onto their platform by highlighting them in many ways. I was even commissioned by Google Canada to paint over 50 of their employees as zombies.

In 2021 I made my first WAX NFT and the rest has been one foot in front of the other, stumbling all the way.

For those interested, I have been interviewed a few times.
This is my favourite video interview because it was so well done.