Two Devs and an Artist walked into the Metaverse, built a lot of cool stuff and had some fun. Then they decided to build something together, to test just how far they can push the boundaries of the WAX Blockchain without the help of VC or influencers or any of the other big money types out there. 

3 creators with a shoestring budget, coming up with clever tools for every creator on the WAX Blockchain to use.

This journey has started and we hope you take a chance and follow us along.

We are starting our first fund raising push with Coins. Each of us will have our own coin, minted on the byronartset1 collection. The coins will have utility in unexpected ways while also supporting the creator on the coin directly.

The very first utility of these coins will be to give away the MINT #1 coin. On June 1st 2023 one random number will be rolled in a telegram room, probably - it will be choosen between 3 and whatever mint # that coin has reached by June 1st 2023.
Stay tuned!